De Gruyter Bestseller: «The Hatata Inquiries: Two Texts of Seventeenth-Century African Philosophy from Ethiopia about Reason, the Creator, and Our Ethical Responsibilities»

In March 2024, De Gruyter announced that The Hatata Inquries (a translation of two philosophical texts by the Ethiopian Zara Yaqob (1600-1693) and his student Walda Heywat) were among the publisher’s Top 6 Recent Bestsellers.

The Hatata Inquries were translated from Ge’ez by Wendy L. Belcher, Ralph Lee, Mehari Worku and Jeremy R. Brown. Preface by Dag Herbjørnsrud. Published in late November 2023. De Guyter page:

A Global Book Launch event took place on December 6 2023. A recording of the event is online at YouTube:

At the University of Turin, students at Lorenzo Kamel’s course «Entangled Histories: India, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East» presented and discussed the book in the Spring Semester of 2024:

All info about the Hatata book: