Brazil UFRGS University lecture: African libertarian and heterodox ideas (Pensamento Africano Libertário)

On May 24 2023, the global historian of ideas Dag Herbjørnsrud delivered a video lecture on the history of African thinking (from ca. 2000 BCE to 1800 CE) for the Latin American Institute for Advanced Studies (Instituto Latino-Americano de Estudos Avançados, ILEA) at the UFRGS University in Brazil (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul).

The Herbjørnsrud lecture – African Libertarian Thinking: Revolutionary and Heterodoxal – introduced a series of 20 lectures on African thinking/philosophies (running at UFRGS from May to September 2023).

The recording of the Power Point video lecture (in English w Portuguese subtitles):

Direct link:

Background for the lecture:

Kemet: «The Radical Philosophy of Egypt» (2020), Ghana/Ethiopia: «The African Enlightenment» (2017),
Ethiopia: The Hatata Inquiries (De Gruyter, 2023): (all info)
Nigeria (Sokoto Caliphate): On Nana Asm’au (b. 1793):

The African series at URGS (w Bruno Oliveira etc), May-Sept 2023: