Al Jazeera Arabic TV interview on Taliban, peace, and Scandinavia

In late January 2022, representatives of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan visited Oslo, Norway for «peace talks». On January 23, the day after the Taliban arrived in Oslo, Al Jazeera Arabic (الجزيرة) had a 6 min. interview with the global historian of ideas Dag Herbjørnsrud. The presenters in the studio are Siham Ouchtou and Zein Tawfik, and the interview (in Arabic) can be watched below.

In the interview, Ouchtou and Tawfik asked about the background for the Taliban meeting in Norway; and Dag Herbjørnsrud referred to Oslo as being known for several (more or less successful) peace processes during the last three decades. The Nobel Committee, awarding the annual Nobel Peace Prize, is also situated in that particular Nordic city/capital.

In addition, Herbjørnsrud pointed out that the Norwegian government has facilitated several peace processes since the late 1980s, especially after Jan Egeland’s influential PRIO (Peace Research Institute Oslo) report «Impotent superpower – potent small state: potentials and limitations of human rights objectives in the foreign policies of the United States and Norway» (1985). Egeland served as State Secretary in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1990-1997, and as United Nations Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, 2003-2006).

The TV broadcast is available viewed here (FB link).

Siham Ouchtou and Zein Tawfik in the studio of Al Jazeera Arabic on Jan 23, 2022.
Al Jazeera: Dag Herbjørnsrud, Jan 23, 2022.