Aarhus University: Webinar on «Global Intellectual History: Reflections on Methodology and Raison d’être»

The «Global Inequality Project: An Intellectual History» at Aarhus University (Denmark) will host the webinar «Global Intellectual History: Reflections on Methodology and Raison d’être» with the global historian of ideas Dag Herbjørnsrud on March 25 2021, 1:30 pm (GMT+1).

«The Global Inequality Project» is led by Assoc. Professor Christian Olaf Christensen at Aarhus University: «An Intellectual History of Global Inequality, 1960-2015 is a qualitative, humanistic research project that applies a transnational perspective on the intellectual history of inequality. We will investigate four countries (Argentina, Ghana, India, USA), four clusters of public intellectuals (such as economists, sociologists, philosophers, politicians, and historians), combined with field studies. How has international economic inequality been conceptualized?» Info on the book Histories of Global Inequality (Palgrave, 2018).

Info on the webinar, March 25 2021:

Global Intellectual History: Reflections on Methodology and Raison d’être

«Webinar with Dag Herbjørnsrud

In this webinar, global historian of ideas Dag Herbjørnsrud will reflect upon some recent discussions of the methodology and raison d’être of doing global intellectual history. (Why) should we do global intellectual history? How global should it be? How can we do so? While not providing answers to all these big questions, Dag will open up the debate, drawing upon his own recent article in the journal Global Intellectual History: “Beyond decolonizing: global intellectual history and reconstruction of a comparative method,” Global Intellectual History, 2019.

Dag Herbjørnsrud is a global historian of ideas, author, and founder of Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas (Senter for global og komparativ idéhistorie, SGOKI) in Oslo. In his book Globalkunnskap («Global Knowledge», 2016), Herbjørnsrud argues for the need of a global history of ideas. SGOKI is an Oslo-based, non-commercial cooperative founded in April 2015.

⬤ March 25th 2021, 13.30-15.00 / Online / Zoom / If you are interested in joining this event, please send us an email with your name and affiliation to global-inequality@cas.au.dk to get a zoom-link.»