Global Intellectual History at the European University Institute, Florence

On 25 January 2021 the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) held a Reading Group Meeting on «Global Intellectual History», the first 2021 session of the Intellectual History Working Group (IHWG) series, «History in theory, history in use». Two papers are included as suggested readings: Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori’s «Approaches to Global Intellectual History» (2013) and the paper «Beyond decolonizing» (in the journal Global Intellectual History, 2019) by Dag Herbjørnsrud.

The European University Institute (EUI) is an international center for doctorate and post-doctorate studies and research, situated in the Tuscan hills overlooking Florence. Since its founding in 1972 by the six original members of the then European Communities, the EUI has earned a reputation as a leading international academic institution with a European focus. The four departments – EconomicsHistory and CivilizationLaw, and Political and Social Sciences – host scholars from more than 60 countries, studying for the Institution’s doctorate or the one-year master in law. 

Info on the event at the European University Institute:

Reading Group Meeting: “Global Intellectual History”

For the first 2021 session of the EUI IHWG series “History in theory, history in use,” we will talk about global intellectual history(-ies). How to write global intellectual history? To what extent does the adjective “global” change one’s approach towards intellectual history? How to forge a methodology for it, and which tools we might use in approaching it?

Suggested readings:
· Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori, “Approaches to Global Intellectual History” in: idem, Global Intellectual History, New York 2013, pp. 3-30.
· Dag Herbjørnsrud, Beyond decolonizing: global intellectual history and reconstruction of a comparative method, Global Intellectual History Vol 5 Nr 4.

Monday, 25 January 2021, 9:00 am CET

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