Rowman & Littlefield: Herbjørnsrud on the Editorial Review Board of Global Epistemics book series

In July 2019, the publisher Rowman & Littlefield International (RL) launched Global Epistemics, a transdisciplinary book series established in partnership with the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies (gloknos), based at the University of Cambridge.

The book series Global Epistemics aims to foster, promote, and disseminate empirically grounded and theoretically ambitious research on knowledge as a cultural and natural phenomenon. 

The books series has established an international Editorial Review Board. The historian of ideas Dag Herbjørnsrud, founder of SGOKI, has joined this board.

Excerpt from RLI and Gloknos regarding Global Epistemics:

«The series invites individual and collaborative works that transgress disciplinary boundaries across the historical, social, and natural sciences, to fruitfully advance our understanding of the nature, history, politics, pragmatics, and normative dimensions of human knowledges, as well as their relation to non-human knowledges and to evolving socio-ecological environments. We also invite historical and empirical approaches to human and non-human cognition that can redefine classical philosophical questions on knowledge and knowing, or delineate new areas for philosophical and ethical inquiry. 

Grounded in an anthropologically holistic understanding of knowledge that encompasses its ideational, artistic, institutional, and material manifestations across history, as well as the full spectrum of historical modes of practical and intellectual validation, the series approaches globality simultaneously as totality, extension, and connectivity.»

Contact info for Herbjørnsrud: