Georgetown University, Washington DC, includes Herbjørnsrud’s article on women philosophers from Global South at reading list

News – spring semester of 2019:

I. January 2019:

The Aeon essay «Before the canon: The non-European women who founded Philosophy», written by Dag Herbjornsrud, has been put on the reading schedule of «Introduction to Philosophy: Who is a philosopher?» at Georgetown University, Washington DC, spring 2019. The course is held by professor Bryce Huebner.

Description of the course «Introduction to Philosophy»: «You probably have some idea of what philosophy is, and what kinds of things philosophers do. But in different times and different places, philosophers have done their thing as artists and ascetics, court advisors and contemplatives, poets and political leaders, reactionaries and revolutionaries, scientists and sages. In

this course, we will explore some of these ways of being a philosopher, and we will ask: what does it mean to do philosophy? And your primary goal as a student will be to work out what you think it means to philosophize!»

5 other selected texts from the reading list at Georgetown University: 

Pema Chödrön & bell hooks: Cultivating openness when life falls apart

Rachel Carson:Silent Spring

Ida B. Wells: The red record

Jonardon Ganeri:The tree of knowledge is not an apple or an oak but a banyan

Watch: The debate between William F Buckley and James Baldwin

II. February 2019:

Four of Herbjørnsrud’s texts (2017-18) are now listed at «Pieces on Non-‘Western’ Philosophy for a General Audience»

The list is made by Abiral Chitrakar Phuyal, New York University/Shanghai. LINK. The 4 texts:

  1. General/comparative: Herbjørnsrud, Dag. ‘First women of philosophy’. Aeon, 23 November, 2018.
  2. Africa: Herbjørnsrud, Dag. ‘The African Enlightenment’. Aeon, 13 December, 2017.
  3. Africa: Herbjørnsrud, Dag. ‘The Radical Philosophy of Egypt’. Blog of the APA, The American Philosophical Association, 17 December, 2018.
  4. China/East Asia: Herbjørnsrud, Dag. ‘Global History of Ideas: A Sea for Fish on Dry Land’. JHIBlog, Journal of the History of Ideas, 15 February, 2017.