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Praise for Global Knowledge (Globalkunnskap, 2016)

«An enormously important project.» Professor of social anthropology at University of Oslo, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, during a 30 min. talk about Global Knowledge at national public radio (NRK P2).

Ny bok fra SGOKI: Globalkunnskap. Renessanse for en ny opplysningstid
New book: Globalkunnskap. Renessanse for en ny opplysningstid

«The book Global Knowledge tries to re-build a history of ideas which is much more inclusive than the one we find at Norwegian universities today… Maybe the experimental Globalkunnskap, which puts weight to the societal (and political) role of the educational system, can be of inspiration for other places than Norway as well – as one here often is deaf to what comes to us from ‘the outside’.» Reviewer, philosopher of science and doctoral student at the University of Lisboa, Naïd Mubalegh, Salongen

«A very ambitious attempt at breaking with the in our times all-too-widespread structures of methodological and epistemological nationalism and ethnocentrism.» Researcher Sindre Bangstad, KIFO – Centre for Church Research

«Refreshing read in a time characterized by new and often unconsidered nationalism both in Europe and other places. This project has parallels with both the Big-History movement.. and the tradition of global history that I’m a part of, but Herbjørnsrud’s global knowledge is aligned with history of ideas and is about identity and self-understanding.» Reviewer, associate professor of history at the University of Bergen, Eivind Heldaas Seland, Globalhistorie

«After having read Globalkunnskap you have a much further outlook,

and a much better starting point in order to understand  the basis for how we think.» Reviewer Nora Warholm Essahli, Sosiologen

«Herbjørnsrud shows us that the world seems to be both larger and smaller than we are being taught to believe… It is not done in a jiffy to grasp the totality of his revolutionary project. But Herbjørnsrud creates the thirst of knowledge in me because he knows how to provoke.» Reviewer Andrew P. Kroglund, the journal Prosa

«Herbjørnsrud has written a very important book about the most important political phenomenon of our time…» Reviewer Paal Frisvold, the monthly Ny Tid

«These discussions of the book Global Knowledge by make me wish I read Norwegian!  Bryan W. Norden, professor of philosophy, Vassar College (NY) @Twitter.

Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas (Senter for global and komparativ idéhistorie, SGOKI) is an Oslo-based, non-commercial cooperative founded in April 2015.

Dedicated to the study of cross-cultural connections and global
interconnectedness, it is led by the historian of ideas, author, and former editor Dag Herbjørnsrud.

«Global History of Ideas: A Sea for Fish on Dry Land» is the title of  Herbjørnsrud’s text at the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas (US), published on February 15, 2017.

Intro: «A remarkable example of how ideas migrate across so-called cultural borders and change minds in unknown ways happened in the German city of Bremen on October 8, 1930. There, Martin Heidegger gave a speech based upon his masterwork Being and Time (1927). Afterwards, he and several of Bremen’s citizens gathered at the home of a wholesaler. During the evening, Heidegger suddenly turned to his host and asked, “Mister Kellner, would you please bring me the Parables of Zhuangzi? I would like to read some passages from it…»

Praise for the text «A Global History of Ideas»:

Warp, Weft, and Way. Chinese and Comparative Philosophy: «Dag Herbjørnsrud has written a fascinating entry at the Journal of the History of Idea blog, which begins as follows…»

Professor Darren M. McMahon, Darmouth University:  «A lovely little essay this. Heidegger and the Tao.»

MourseAestethic, Balliol College, Oxford: «This on Heidegger’s contact with Chinese and Japanese thought through Buber and Shuzo Kuki is extremely good:»

New book: GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE (2016)

As part of the ongoing SGOKI project Herbjornsrud has written the book Global Knowledge. Renaissance for a New Enlightenment (Or: The Untold Story of Diversity Past and Present, in Norwegian: Globalkunnskap. Renessanse for en ny

opplysningstid), launched by

Scandinavian Academic Press (SAP) on August 29th 2016. The publication has been funded by The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR), the Fritt Ord (Free Word) Foundation, and the fund of The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFFO).

The 510 page book, including 843 endnotes, aims to connect the thinking of the so-called East and West, past and present: From Eneheduanna, Gargi and the classic secular Lokayata philosophy of India via Plato, Mozi, Dante, and Shakespeare to Murasaki’s The Tale of Genji, Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth Stanton, and the film The Matrix.

The book Globalkunnskap can be viewed as an attempt to rediscover our diverse world – past and present. The world seems to be both smaller and bigger than we are being taught to think.

Posting  by Sindre Bangstad, Researcher at KIFO – Centre for Church Research: «A global history of ideas: At 510 dense pages, a weight of 734 grammes, 843 endnotes and 1,005 million characters, the Norwegian historian of ideas and former media editor Dag Herbjornsrud‘s ‘Globalhistorie – Renessanse for en ny opplysningstid‘ (Scandinavian Academic Press, 2016) can not be characterized as light reading for the faint-hearted. But it represents a very ambitious attempt at breaking with the in our times all-too-widespread structures of methodological and epistemological nationalism and ethnocentrism. It also comes with a number of rich colour illustrations. Full disclosure: I have been one of three editorial referees on the manuscript, but given limitations of time, I have still not been able to ascertain whether that has had all that much to say for the tenor and format of the final result. In any event, congratulations are in order for the author’s mammoth undertaking, which I understand has been no less than ten years in the making.»

Click here for some of the media coverage (publisher), or the book’s page at this site (in Norwegian).

In November 2016 the national public radio program «Ekko» (NRK2) dedicated a 30 minutes conversation between professor Thomas  Hylland Eriksen and Dag Herbjørnsrud on the book Globalkunnskap.

The Facebook-page of Globalkunnskap is here.

For intro pages, content, name index, and selected pages with illustrations, click below:


Click here for the lengthy review in Prosa (Norw.), the journal for the union of Norway’s non-fiction authors and translators (NFFO).

Click here for the Norwegian site, with additional info, interviews, op-eds, and reviews.


Dag Herbjornsrud (b. 1971) is an Oslo-based historian of ideas (cand. philol.), who wrote his thesis on Robert Nozick, pragmatism and North American  philosophy in the 1980s and 1990s (2002), and is a former graduate of West County High School in Missouri, USA.

He has co-authored three non-fiction books (2002-2005) with Stian Bromark, including the Brage prize-nominated Frykten for Amerika (The Fear of America. A European story) (2003, reviewed in Hudson Review). Herbjornsrud has been the Nordic columnist for Al Jazeera’s English website (2004-2005) where he provided global views on the US, on the European-Arab-connection, and on historical topics), as well as a contributing writer for Berkshire Publishing Group (Mass, USA) and it’s book Global Perspectives on the United States (Vol. 3, 2007). He has contributed to Open Democracy (UK), in addition to writing for 00TAL (Sweden, English version) and humanity science periodicals in Norway.

Herbjornsrud has written portrait interviews with the Nobel  Literature Prize recipient, Nadine Gordimer, and the author Hans Magnus Enzensberger for the Danish newspaper Information (1993-1994), in addition to a rather shorter interview with Nelson Mandela for Morgenbladet (1993), and held a lengthier public conversation with Harry Belafonte (2012).

Herbjørnsrud worked as a journalist/commentator at the conservative paper Aftenposten for ten years (1995-2005), and was the editor-in-chief/editor and/or CEO at the left-wing weekly Ny Tid for just as long (2005-2015). He now takes care of the projects of SGOKI, in addition to writing books.

Contact, editor: sivje@spartacus.no

Contact, author:  dag@sgoki.org

Phone: +47 916 95 196

Address: P.O. Box 1581 Vika, 0118 Oslo, Norway.



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